Mandarin Forum: The Hui Warehouses in Gansu and the Local Society during the Republican Period: A Case Study


Conveners: School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies & Faculty of Oriental Studies

Speaker: Dr. Xiaofang Jin

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During the period of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the Hui warehouses mainly traded fur and cloth along with many other commodities including herbs and tea. The Hui warehouses functioned as intermediary and monopoly. Their origin, growth and declining were inseparable from the political, economic, cultural, and religious environment of the particular region. As an economic phenomenon in people’s daily life, the Hui warehouses were under the influence of all sectors of the local society and at the same time, helped set the social trends in the countryside. This case study analyses the development of Hui warehouses in Gansu and their relationship with the local society. 

Dr. Xiaofang Jin, Academic Visitor at Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, is an Associate Professor in Sociology at Lanzhou University, China.

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